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Baoyi Tan
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After attempting to swim and meeting instructors that weren’t too encouraging and friendly, I finally managed to learn breaststroke and freestyle from Kevin. He’s really efficient and could pinpoint exactly our points of correction and areas of improvement.
Yiting Ong
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Kevin is patient, approachable, and creative with his teaching. We managed to learn the basic strokes and now we finally know how to swim! Highly recommend Kevin’s classes
Shirley Ngiam
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Coach Kevin is very patient, and I enjoy my swimming classes with him. He is encouraging and I’m always looking forward to his class. Highly recommended!
Eileen Gym
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Coach Kevin is very patient and one of the most passionate coaches I have ever met. He is very friendly and down-to-earth, and I truly enjoyed his classes. Thank you, Coach Kevin!
Xuan Feng
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Coach Kevin is very Innovative when he comes to teaching kids, and his attitude bonds well with the kids. I believe this is crucial in effective learning for kids as kids seems to look forward to his lessons
Aleem Firdaus Subarjono
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I had trouble with breaststroke until coach kevin helped me out and now I am very skilled in multiple swim techniques! steady la very professional and friendly bunch highly recommended for all ages.
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Coach Kevin

National Registry of Coaches Certified.

Coach Kevin focuses on in-depth technical skills and sportsmanship.

He believes that building strong fundamentals through consistent lesson is the key to progress safely and swiftly.

Coach Benedict

Armed with about a decade of experience, Coach Benedict is extremely dedicated, passionate yet firm about imparting the proper swim techniques to his students, even those who suffer from water phobia. Students love his lessons, and are intrinsically motivated to improve, under his tutelage.

Coach Kyle

Australian Swimming Coaches and Teacher Association certified.

Hi, my name is Kia Yee, and the swimmers address me as coach Kyle. I am an Australian Swimming Coaches and Teacher Association (ASCTA) certified swimming coach.

I always enjoy swimming and after being a father of two, I know the importance of water safety. Therefore, being a swimming coach allows me to depart the importance through fun and strict activities during the sessions.

My father who is a martial arts instructor and I always look up to him as a role model. He has taught me the important values such as discipline, responsibilities, resilience, commitments, and patience towards one.

Every child is different, and what I love about my job is that I get to help each one discovers their own strengths.

Smiling female swimmer

Coach Cindy

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